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Lost Cat - Pugg's Story

From Roleystone Courier Sep 2006



7 Sep 2006

Luck was on Pugg's side because he has been rescued as of last night!

Despite searching the bush and a million letterbox drops and posters all around the shops we had no word on him. I walked up and down the bush and Canning Valley several times without any luck. I was so depressed about it.

Anyway, Yesterday I received a call from Rachael, a cat lover, who said she had seen him, had been feeding him and recognised his picture in the Courier.  Her description fitted........purrfectly!!

I went up to her property.....and it was right up Soldiers Rd opposite Churchmans Brook Dam, miles through the bush and over the river from where he went missing. I searched the bush and house without luck but climbed into the property next door and called out for him and from a patch of scrub got a moanful cry...but as much as I looked I could not find him. He wouldn't come of course. He must have been so nervous and scared.

I was scared of driving him into the bush further so left it and came back at dusk. Rachael, kindly, had been leaving food out for him for a week or two after sighting him a while back.

Anyway after waiting and waiting for dusk, we heard him and I went and called to him...he was up a steep bank and looked and sounded so frantic but he was too scared to approach with strangers around so I went to one side and he bounded down, shied away a bit, but then I grabbed him and he just collapsed into my arms. He was so matted and skinny and nervous, but the look in his eyes was pure relief.

What a terrible time he must have had being lost in the bush and all through 2 months of freezing cold wind and rain. He is so skinny.....but we had the vet check him over and he is fine.

He is now settling back in but the relief in his face is palpable and I am so relieved as well. I hated to think he was lost out there.

He must be running out of lives after this one!!! How lucky is that.....?

Thanks most definitely go out to Rachael for being so caring and responding to the article. Also people have been very kind and calling us about missing ginger cats and the local Vet has been passing on calls as well. Thanks to the Courier for publishing his picture. He is now appreciating a warm basket and cuddles again after so many cold and frightening days.

Just shows, never give up......

Puggs appreciating a comfortable bed for the first time in over 2 months

October 2006 Update:

Puggs has put back on weight and seems quite healthy though can be nervous aound atrangers or strange noises. Puggs is now getting used to staying inside and has a nice big home of his own in the garden......keeping him inside the house though is hard work..... he still wants to go out at night. We will have to see whose will is strongest over time.

Puggs Retreat

"Dunroaming" is the name on the gate. We have put some shelves up and a box to sleep in since this pic was taken.

Puggs getting used to captivity



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