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The Wall - Churchman's Brook

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The Wall - Churchmans Brook Reserve

A rare example of a sheer granite wall in the Darling Scarp. Cut over millions of years into the side of the Canning Valley by the Canning River. A beautiful secluded and preserved area of bushland close to the city which most people are unaware of. At the foot of the Wall is a well vegetated terrace before the valley drops away again steeply to the sharp curve of the Canning River around the Brackenridge.  Discovered by the early settlers the Wall was once a hiding place for the bushranger Moondyne Joe. On the run from the police yet again, he was hidden in a cave at the foot of the Wall by the Buckingham Family who knew the area well. They cut his chains and shackles off him and recycled the iron on their farm.

It was not until 1975 that a rock climbing enthusiast rediscovered the Wall which had slipped out of the local consciousness. it now is one of Perth's favourite rock climbing points and access has been improved. There are several wonderful walking trails in the area.

Not the easiest place to find, but easy once you've done it once.....from the intersection of Canns Rd and Churchmans Brook Rd and heading East towards Soldiers Rd....go along Churchman Brook Road for about 1km and then turn left into a dirt road (where the Darling Range Regional Park sign is). The dirt road leads to the carpark. The dirt road winds around close to the fence line and is quite close to several houses to start with. Carpark is at the end of the track after about 500m. The walk into the bush is about 10-15 minutes. It is quite steep but steps have been put in to help. There are now two different paths to the bottom of the cliff...take the one to the right. The one to the left goes very close to the top of the cliff and it is loose and dangerous. Warning for bush walkers...the Wall has at least a 30 metre sheer drop and at the top there is loose gravel and a sloping edge with no handholds...stay way clear. Unfortunately break-ins have become fairly common at the carpark, so make sure you take everything with you.

On the way down - the right hand track - the easy way

Rock climbing - The Wall

The rock terrace at the base of the Wall

Climbing the Wall

Climbing the Wall

The view of the Churchman's Brook Valley from the Wall. In the further distance the Canning Valley and Slab Gully

Blackboys (Balga) and the Canning valley in the far background

Climbing the left hand track

View of Carnac Island and the Indian Ocean from near the carpark





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