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Scarborough Senior High School
Western Australia

The class of '69!

30 year reunion - Indian Ocean Hotel - 10 Dec 1999

Ken Preece, Val Cousins, Kerry Vickers, Derrick Jacquet

Christine Connolly, Ian Arblaster, Alison Lynch

Murray Barnard, Neville Hoypoy, Jeanette Young

The Gang

peter Morgan, Dellice Backshall, Helen Carville, Carol Potter

The Rear View

Julie Rippon, John Kennedy

Greg Jones, Barbara Jones

Phil Stewart, Patricia de Beer, Mr Dodd, Annette Sturrock

Joanna Thompson Bill Ramsey

Kerry Vickers, Derrick Jacquet, Jim Norman

Greg Jones, Barbara Jones

Peter Morgan. Carol Povah, Val Cousins

Kerry Stickland Lyn Hearn

Stephen Whitfield, Phil Stewart, Patricia de beer, Mr Dodd, Bill Shand, Annette Sturrock

Ray Andretich, julie Rippen, John Kennedy

Dellice Backshall, Derrick Jacquet, Joanna Thompson

Vivienne Boyle, Lyn Hearn, Kerry Stickland

Rod Prater, Anne Richardson

Ian Arblaster, Barbara Jones, Annette Sturrock, Dellice Backshall, Phil Stewart, Rod Prater, Patricia de Beer, Mr Dodd.

Terry Doyle, Carol Potter, Peter Morgan

John Kennedy, Bill Shand, Carol Povah, Sally Jones, Phil Stewart, Val Cousins

Murray Barnard, Neville HoyPoy, Jeanette Young

Ian Arblaster, Alison Lynch, Christine Connolly, Helen Carville, Carol Potter, Peter Morgan


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