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Scarborough Senior High School
Western Australia




The class of '69!

20 year old males of this graduating year were lucky to be just saved from conscription (and Vietnam) by the election of the Whitlam Government late in 1972. Phew!

Job choices were restricted to Teaching, Nursing or the Public Service for the non-entrepeneurial. I wonder how many of the expressed career choices actually eventuated. I know mine did (ie "Career choice undecided")

Sadly, we have to say Vale to some 69'ers. I am pretty sure we have sadly lost the following; namely:

 Dennis Brooks (2003?)
Phil Haynes (d. 26/07/2000),
John Baldock (d. 1994?),
Steve Margaritis (d. 11/09/1993),
Suszanne Thwaites
and Pat Nesbitt (d. 22/06/1973).

I am reluctant to put names here without confirmation. Apologies if I have anything wrong.

One 69'er fell foul of the law in 2005 and spent some time at the Governor's pleasure. I shall leave him un-named.

Other than that I have no more gossip.

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