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Scarborough Senior High School
Western Australia


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Class of 1969 Graduation

Class of 1969 Graduation

A 1969 School Graduation certificate

1969 Head Students

Looks like the 1970 social - Megan Lugg, Lee Clutterbuck, Suzanne Jacquet, Gillian Baker

Joe Brockman in his ubiquitous brown corduroy jacket, Geoff Carter with his nose in a book as usual and Phil Haynes dreaming. (Photo by Muzz)

Megan Lugg 1970 class) and Rod Prater (1969 class) tied the knot

Val Cousins trying to eat lunch October 1969 (Photo by Muzza)

Looks like Peter Perriam walking home 1969 (Photo by Muzza)

Mr Green - English teacher 1969 (Photo by Muzza)

Mr Brown geography teacher - 1969 - a good fun teacher (Photo by Muzza)

Neil Munro from 1970 year and Leonie Arblaster from 1970 Commercial Class

Keith Jamieson - a SSHS student (Photo by Muzza)

Carl Verrier and Derek Jacquet - year 69 students (Photo by Muzza)

Leonie Arblaster (1970 Commercial Class) and Murray Barnard (1969 year) at 1970 school social

All the following are from the School Athletics Day October 1969 (all photos by Muzza)

Alex Cook

Mr Ashton

Bill Ramsey and Neville Hoy Poy

Alex Cook again


School uniform 1968

Goodbye procrastinator! Mr Brown and admirers....looks like Carol Povah and Kerry Stickland Oct 1969 (Photo by Muzza)

L-R:  Back row - Ray Andretich, Christine Connolly, John Baldock, Suszanne Thwaites, Alex Goldfinch, Barbara Jones.
Front row - Phil Stewart, Bill Shand, Pam Harrison, Cecily Morton

1968 Magazine Committee

Photo taken by Phil Ericson

Photo supplied by Barbara Limb


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