A 1952 Model 65 Stroud Replica

The Panther Stroud is a rare and desirable machine. Built for trials the original Dowty forked Stroud was light, attractive and tractable. This particular example is misleading as it is built from a range of parts from a 1946 Model 65 rigid rear end frame to a 1952 Panther telescopic fork on the front. Original Strouds are like hens teeth, though I do know of one in England and there is one in bits in Tasmania somewhere (or there was ten years ago!).
Beautifully fabricated the replica Stroud tank tops off the machine which sports competition alloy guards and a lightweight headlight, tail-light and speedometer. The machine was built from a mixture of parts in Rhodesia and brought to Australia in the mid-80s.

The engine emits a fabulous note from the up-swept exhaust and the engine runs a Diahatsu piston at a capacity of 285cc. The steering is somewhat light and quick and would be a handful in the dirt. But it does look a treat. Purchased by the author it has since been sadly sold (to finance Classic Racing dreams) to Jim Howe of Pal and Panther fame. Jim is actually looking for a buyer for this splendid machine at present, at around Aus$4,500.

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Copyright: Murray Barnard, Perth, Western Australia 1988

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