The Bangkok stoplight Grand Prix!

Water wings would help when the monsoon startss!

Hope they rust-proof those bikes

A cheap jet-ski?

A TZM 150cc Yamaha GP style, neat!

An air-cooled 125cc working Yamaha

Recycling old bikes as trikes

GT styled air cooled Kawasaki single

The flashiest of them all - the Honda NSR 150cc water-cooled

The VR Yamaha 150cc water-cooled single

The air-cooled 125cc Cavalcade Yamaha

Neat looking water-cooled 150cc Kawasaki

The up market Kawaskai 150cc water-cooled single

Bangkok! Polluted and crowded hell on earth for car drivers and pedestrians. An Asian city where motorbikes come into their own. Three up, four up on a bike is not unusual in peak hour and don't those GP styled 150cc water-cooled bikes absolutely fly! Desirable as all hell those little Thai delights beckon to the real motorcyclist. Clip-ons and radical expansion chambers and real flash styling and graphics catch the eye. But taste the sensuous bike delights of Bangkok at your peril for the frantic traffic, pollution and numerous road hazards will catch the unwary.

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