A-Z of Motorcycling
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XINGFU: 1985- China - started with Jawa clones - manufacturers of 50-250cc motorcycles and mopeds
XL: 1921-23 UK - 400-490cc singles, built by Norfolk Engineering Company
XL-ALL: 1902-06 UK
XTRA: 1920-22 UK


Y2K: 1990s- USA - Marine Turbine Technology - 460 lbs with an Allison Rolls Royce 250 gas turbine making 320hp and 425 ft lbs of torque. Estimated top Speed of 250 mph, 1/4 Mile: 9.80 secs @ 160 mph, 0-200 mph in 15.0 seconds. Price tag $150,000
1902-15 USA - first bike produced was the Yale-California
YALE-CALIFORNIA: 1902 - 1915 USA, Consolidated Manufacturing Company in Toledo, Ohio, , Bought the rights for the California motorcycle
YAMAGUCHI: 1941-64 Japan
YAMAHA: 1954- Japan - Made first bikes around 1954.  The first Yamaha motorcycle was the YA-1, produced and sold in Japan only (125cc, 2-stroke, single cylinde). In 1958 the first Yamaha Motorcycles was sold in the USA. Yamaha’s first large capacity 4-stroke motorcycle model was the XS1 650. In 1984 the first production 5-valve per cylinder engine was introduced on the FZ750 motorcycle. Yamaha dominated GP racing at various times with their TD, TR and TZ 2 stroke production race bikes. They also were successful in the 60s with their multi-cylinder GP machines and in the 70s, 80s and 90s with their YZR GP machines.
YAMATARGO: 1929-? Japan - pre-war utilitarian tricycle
YANKEE: 1922-23 USA
YANKEE: 1903 - 1908, USA, -  Charles Haberer assembled motorcycles with Thor engines and sold them as "The Yankee" until Thor started building their own motorcycles. He then became a dealer for Thor
YANKEE: 1970-74 USA - Ossa manufactured machines for the US market, impressive well made 500cc twins that deserved a better fate
YDRAL: 1950s?-? France (Engine manufacturers) - manufacturer of engines for a range of French machines
YELROMA: 1915 South Australia
YEZDI: 1980- India - another manufacturer of Jawa clones, see Ideal Jawa
YORK: 1927-30 Austria - JAP engined machines
YOSHIMURA: 1970s- USA - specialist in performance products for Japanese machines
YOUNG: 1919-23 UK - Clip-on enginess, made by Mohawk bicycle company.
YOUNG RIDER: 1990s Italy - Competition mini bikes
D'YRSAN: 1925 France
YUNG SHIN: 1986- Taiwan - foldup motorcycles
YVEL: 1921-24 France
YZR: 1990s Australia
- modified Yamaha for Australian conditions