A-Z of Motorcycling
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ZABEL: 1990s Germany
ZAETA: 2012 Italy
ZANELLA: 1958-60s Argentina
ZANNETTI: 1967-75 Italy
ZANZANI: Italy - build Motobi replicas
ZAP:1999 USA - electric bicycles
ZEDEL: 1901-07 Switzerland
ZEDEL: 1902-15 France
ZEGEMO: 1924-25 Germany - Dresden based company producing 248cc machines
ZEHNDER: 1923-39 Switzerland
ZEHNER: 1924-26 Germany
ZENIT-ITALIANA: 1953-56 Italy
ZENITH: 1904-50 UK - Started manufacture in 1904, with Tooley's patent two-wheel 'bicar' powered by a Sarolea. Motorcycle production began in 1907 with the sprung-frame Fafnir engined Zenette. Known for its Gradua variable ratio transmission with adjustable gearing operated by a hand lever. Also produced a 350cc model with either a Blackburne or JAP engine and a 1000cc JAP twin. Offered Villiers and JAP-engined singles in the 1930s, but production stopped  in 1931 because of poor turnover during the depression. Commenced production again when they were bought by new wners, and continued until the start of WW2. Range of 20 models in 1933, 14 in 1934, dropping to six in 1939 when war stopped production.  Resumed briefly, 1947 to 1950, with a 747cc sv JAP engined model and a smaller 250cc.
ZEPHYR: 1922-23 UK - produced 131cc clip-on bicycle engines, plus some complete machines
ZETA: 1948-54 Italy
ZETGE/ZETTGE: 1922-25 Germany - low framed lightweights wit 142cc - 173cc DKW engines
ZEUGNER: 1902-06 Germany - Berlin company which used proprietory engines
ZEUS: 1902-12 Czech
ZEUS: 1925-27 Germany - Klotz and Becker Leipzig based comany whuch used OHC Kuchen engines
ZHEJIANG: 1990s? China
ZHUFENG: 1990s? China
ZIANG SHANG: 1990s-? China
ZIEJANU: 1923-27 Germany - Albert Ziegelgangsberger and hans Jakob Nurnberg built their own 211 and 246cc 2 stroke machines. Also built JAP 350 and 500cc machines. Also known as ZJN.
ZID: 1990s? USSR
ZIF: 19??s USSR
ZIKE: 1994 UK
ZIP: 1990s? USA
ZIP CYCLE: 1990s USA - motorised bicycle manufacturer
ZIPRIAN: 1970s? East Germany
ZIRO: 1919-24 Germany
ZITTAVIA: 1924-25 Germany - built mahines using Alba, JAP and Blackburne engines
ZJN: 1923-27 Germany (see ZIEJANU)
ZPMOTO: 1912 Germany
ZUCH:  1938-39 Poland
ZUNDAPP: 1917- 1984 Germany - Armaments factory Zunder and Apparatebau copied early Levis design. Zundapp was soon one of germany's largest motorcycle manufactureres with 200cc and 300cc light-weights and some 4 stroke singles using Rudge-Python engines. In 1933 4 stroke engines were produced, 350 and 500cc shaft driven flat twins and 600 and 800cc flat fours, The KS750 flat twin was produced during the war. After the war a 600cc flat-twin and a 200cc 2 stroke single were produced. In 1953 the 150cc Bella scooter and a 50cc clip engine were popular. 2 strokes from 50cc to 250cc were produced into the 80s. An 80cc GP racer won the 1984 World Championship but soon after the company collapsed and the tooling was sold to China and continue to be produced as the Tianjin
ZURTZ-REKORD: 1922-26 Germany
ZWEIRAD-UNION: 1958- 74 Germany - Victoria Express ad DKW merged in the 50s. Hercules joined the group in 1966 before being taken over by Fichtel and Sachs in 1969.
ZWERG: 1924-25 Germany - briefly built lighweight 2 strokes of 150 and 190cc
ZWI: 1952-55 Israel
ZSS: Poland
ZZR: 1960- Poland