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This site seeks to commorate the Australians and NZs in Vietnam - regulars, reserve and national servicemen. Many young Australians were sent to fight in Vietnam as a result of conscription. Hard to believe now but many of us grew up knowing when we turned twenty our date of birth could be pulled out of a barrel and as a result we could be on our way to Vietnam! Over 500 young Australians lost their lives in a nasty brutish war fought in the jungles, streets and hamlets of Vietnam. The Australians won praise for how they fought the war and some very vicious battles were fought ie. Firebase Coral and Long Tan. Many Vietnamese gave their lives for their country and beliefs as well. This site exists to remember the Australians lost in this war. Lets not forget their sacrifice and their struggles afterwards. They deserve our attention.

If you wish to commemorate any Vietnam veterans on this site,

please send me information and if available a photo and I will add the details.


Australian casualties in Vietnam

All services - fatal in action - 402  - wounded/injured/illness - 2069

All services - non-operational - fatal 99 - injured/illness 3462

Over 50,000 Australians served in Vietnam from 1965-75