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First views of Gallipoli - ANZAC Cove, North beach, Plugge's Plateau

ANZAC Cove...hard to believe but this is where Australians and New Zealanders came to fight, on a strange shore against an unfamiliar foe. Yet, the shore is familiar to most Australians and New Zealanders because it's steep shores are mirrored by many beaches in Australia and New Zealand.  Also, all Australians and New Zealanders have grown up with grainy images of the landing. The cove is like any other cove, but it is soaked with mystique and blood. On these shores stepped young men, our forebears, full of hope, full of fear, full of the excitement of the moment. You can hear them still. They would be astonished to think you came at all to such a bastard place, to think you cared, to think you still remember.