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The Dardanelles

An Epic Told in Pictures

(The full book is available in facsimile form here)



The finest feat ever performed by British Arms " was the description applied by Sir Ian Hamilton, in his historic despatch, to the performances of our soldiers in Gallipoli.

Of that great feat the heroic troops of Australia and New Zealand can claim the lion's share. In those stupendous struggles which they fought side by side with their brothers in arms from the Motherland they achieved something far greater than unsurpassed acts of military valour; they forged strong links to bind together yet more closely the peoples of Greater Britain. The Anzac heroes who bled and died in Gallipoli, their English comrades, and the men of the Fleet who went to their death aboard the sinking battleships in the Dardanelles, have left a legacy to the British Empire which will have even more lasting effects than will the victory which is coming to us.

The Dardanelles campaign has showed Great Britain and her Dominions beyond the seas united in one common bond of brotherhood. The heroes of Anzac, of Suvla Bay, and the Beaches have made history by their surpassing bravery, their indomitable courage, their coolness, their cheerfulness in circumstances of appalling hardships and danger. Their story will live for ever.

This book can add no lustre to their imperishable fame, but it can make their history the more real. It shows in photographs the actual conditions in which they fought and died, it forms a pictorial record of the scenes of which so much has been written, and makes real places and incidents that have previously been only names.

Many of the photographs in this book were taken under fire. They constitute a unique souvenir of a phase in a campaign that ranks above the greatest military feats the world has hitherto known and that forms a standard by which all deeds of soldier valour will be measured in the future.