The Great War

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In the afternoon of August 26th, 1914, Von Kluck began to use the superior numbers of his army in a great enveloping movement on both flanks of the British at Le Cateau. Some of the German batteries took up positions from which they were able to enfilade the British line, and so at about 3.30pm, the order was given to commence a retirement. The movement was covered with great courage by the artillery, who at this stage of the battle suffered their heaviest losses. Under very heavy fire, Lance Corporal Frederick William Holmes, of the 2nd Battalion, The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, carried a wounded man from the hastily dug trenches, and later mounted one of the leading horses of a gun team, when the driver had been wounded, to assist in driving a gun out of action, Lance Corporal Holmes showed the highest gallantry and was awarded the V.C.