The Great War

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So terrible had been the effect of the artillery bombardment and the mine explosions that nearly the whole British line had been driven from it's trenches, and soon Glover and his men were almost surrounded. Standing in the trench with his hand raised, whilst high explosive shells burst all around the shaking ground as if convulsed by an earthquake. Glover signalled to his men to cease firing on the retreating bombers that they might husband their ammunition. He then stationed men to defend the trench on a new front, and four or five were told off to fire from the extreme right of the original front, which was defended by the remaining men. Though compelled to defend themselves against attacks from every side, the little party stood their ground with indomitable grit and courage until 2am the next morning - March 15th - and when the British counter attack came, the ground which had been lost was regained. The splendid services of Sergeant Major Glover were rewarded with the D.C.M. and the Medaille Militaire of France was also conferred upon him.