The Great War

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The duties of the Engineers are more manifold than those of any other part of the forces, and include making roads, bridges and railways, working telegraphs, telephones, balloons, preparing camps, water supply, field work for attacking or defence, and for demolition of those of the enemy. In the present war the Royal Engineers have nobly lived (and died) up to their great traditions, and several of their number have already won the V.C. by daring deeds, one of which is here illustrated. Lance Corporal Jarvis, of the 5th Field Company, Royal Engineers, won his V.C. for great gallantry at Jemappes, which is three miles west of Mons, on the 23rd of August, 1914. He worked for three and a half hours under a most deadly fire in full view of the enemy, and eventually was successful in laying a fire charge for the demolition of a bridge.