The Great War

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Naik Darwin Sing Negi, of the 1st Battalion 39th Garwhal Rfiles, won the V.C. on the night of the 23rd-24th November, 1914. The enemy's line of trenches had to be taken at all costs, and a gallant little party of two Officers and some Afridis, well supplied with bombs, cleared the way for the attacking Company. Then Naik Darwin Sing went ahead of his section, leading a bayonet charge from traverse to traverse. Three times he was wounded by bombs which were thrown at him, but he worked down the whole length of some 300 yards of trench with the result that it was captured, a great many germans killed, and 105 taken prisoners, while two machine-guns, a trench mortar, and many rifles and other equipment were captured. Naik Darwin Sing Negi was the first Indian to be awarded the V.C. (Victoria Cross)