The Great War

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As the Prussian Guard advanced in massed formation from the cover of a wood at Klein Zillebeke on 12th November, 1914, the British Machine guns mowed them down with a storm of bullets. But the gun which Lieut John Henry Stephen Dimmer, of the 2nd Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps, was working, suddenly jammed. With great bravery he climbed on to the emplacement to put it in order, and while doing so a rifle bullet struck him in the jaw. He continued, however, to work the gun until it jammed once more, and while putting it in order he was hit in the shoulder. After again getting the gun to work, his injured shoulder was struck by three shrapnel bullets, but he most gallantly continued working it until it was destroyed by shell fire. His magnificent courage and tenacity were rewarded with the V.C.