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This site seeks to commemorate the Australians and NZs in World War 2.

Australia played a significant part in the war, on land, sea and air. A small country, Australia mobilised early and stood with Britain against the might of the Axis for eighteen months before America was forced into the war by Japan. Australians played a part in Tobruk, North Africa, Greece, Crete and Syria before being withdrawn to face the Japanese onslaught. Australian troops were sacrificed in Malaya, Singapore, Rabaul, and Ambon. The Navy suffered grievously with the loss of HMAS Perth in the Battle of the Java Sea. The Australians fought courageously at Kokoda and Milne Bay to stop the Japanese advance. A bitter fight was carried back into Papua New Guinea and heavy losses were sustained at Buna, Gona, Salamau, Finschhafen and Lae. HMAS Canberra and HMAS Australia were lost at Guadacanal. Darwin, Katherine, Wyndham, Kalumburu, Derby, Broome, Pt Hedland and Exmouth were bombed. Operations later in the war were carried out in Bougainville and Borneo.

New Zealand fought in North Africa, Greece, Crete and Italy.

This site exists to remember the Australians lost in this war. Lets not forget their sacrifice and their struggles afterwards. They deserve our attention.

If you wish to commemorate any WW2 veterans on this site,

please send me information and if available a photo and I will add the details.


Australian casualties in WW2

27,073 members of the Australian military were killed or died of wounds or died in captivity.

Of these, 9,572 were killed in the war against Germany and Italy and 17,501 in the war against Japan.

Nearly half of Australia's deaths in the Pacific were prisoners of the Japanese.