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Suzuki RS67

First raced Japanese Grand Prix 1967 (last race of the season in October). 90 degree V4, 4 X 24mm carbs, 4 geared cranks, 12 gears, liquid cooled, positive oil lubrication, disc valve induction. Peak power 42 BHP at 16,500 revs (by Feb of 68 power improved to 43.8BHP), top speed 137 mph, dry sump gearbox with forced lubication from a trochoidal pump. Extensive use of titanium and alloy (frame made from alloy) 95kg weight. Engine produces 340 bhp/litre! Banned after FIM changed the rules and limited 125s to 2 cylinders.

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Thanks to Gazza for  these pics

Thanks to Paul Meadows ( for these pics from the Sammy Miller Museum

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