The Suzuki TR750 Flexi Flier

Early TR750 photos

Prototype TR750s at Ryuyo, Hamamatsu in October 1971 (Mitsuo Itoh grinning in middle background).

Prototype TR750 in Japan. Masazumi Ishikawa at Hamamatsu.

The illegal TR750 prototype in Japan! (The magnesium head and barrel on this machine led to a 6 month AMA ban from racing)

Prototype TR750 in Hamamatsu Japan October 1971
Ron Grant and Jody Nicholas. Prototype was clocked at 284km/h. Ron grant wrote one off in testing. Mitsuo Itoh riding.

Us Suzuki TR750 March 1972 at Talladega - Ron Grant is the rider

Jody Nicholas on 1972 US Suzuki TR750 - Daytona March 1972

The late New Zealand rider Geoff Perry on a TR750 at Ontario 1972

Geoff Perry at Ontario 1972

US Suzuki TR750s at Ontario
Kita - Right, Katayama - 2nd from the left
Brian Lunnis on Geoff perry's bike No.96 (which came 2nd)
No.61 - Ron Grant, No. 58 Jody Nicholas (written off), No. 30 Alf Baumann

Ontario 1972 - Ron Grant (Tr750) No. 61 and Cal Rayborn (HD) No.14

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