The Suzuki TR750 Flexi Flier

A selection of features on the Suzuki TR750

Early TR750 photos

Ron Grant's "Sayonara" pic

Vale Ron Grant

Suzuki Factory Race Tune Bulletin July 1972

Diagrams of the race motor

Race porting and pipes - diagrams - version 1

Race porting and pipes - diagrams - version 2

TR750 Photo-Gallery

TR750 Suzukis - Riders and Bikes - Photo Gallery

Seeley Barton Suzuki TR750

Ex Alex George TR750

Karl Mathias Hübben on es-Stan Woods XR11

Seeley Barton TR750 Streetfighter

Texan TR750

Fabrice Lab's TR500 and TR750 Replicas

Karl Hübben's Suzuki TR750 Gallery

Nico Bakker TR750

Steve Wheatman's Harris framed Barton Suzuki TR750

Michael Pettifer's TR750


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