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    GT500 - only runs one one cylinder

    Posted by Jim on 5/11/2001, 7:55 pm

    I have a problem that I was hoping someone might have some insight on.It is with the engine- sometimes it will run only on the left cylinder, other times on the right cylinder, but almost never both. I have disassembled the carbs,(everything appears to be in order), replaced the plugs and the coil, but it still runs the same. I have about 120-130 for compression on both cylinders. An acquaintance told me that it could be a seal on the crank that separates the intake/exhaust charge on the two cylinders. Is this a possibility? As a note- If I choke the carb. on the cylinder that is not running, there is no change, but if I pinch off the fuel line it will run on both cylinders just as it runs out of fuel in the bowl. Remember that it will run on either cylinder- so I am thinking a carb. problem (dumping fuel) is unlikely. The odometer shows about 19k, if that helps any. Any advice would be appreciated!


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