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The Suzuki GT750 Waterbucket

A selection of features on the Suzuki GT750

Rear mudguard is correct for the German model and makes a nice-looking machine

The GT750 Suzuki was a sophisticated 3 cylinder water-cooled two-stroke. A fast, reliable, stable machine it quickly became popular as a touring and sports machine. The factory soon discovered that with minor tuning changes the 750 became a fearsome tyre shredding race bike. The TR750 was born and it set a new standard for awesome speed and flexible handling. Often the machine to beat, the TR750 remained true to its roadster origins.

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Various GT750s
The author's unique sidecar outfit in the mid 70's
Jos Debets' GT750J
Daves' customised 1973 GT750
Alex Joller's 1972 GT750
Reimo 900 GTR
Jacques Roca GT750
Vallelunga GT750
Omar Dirt Tracking GT750 Special
Allan Hawxby's GT750
Alan Serpa's GT750J
Karl  Hübben's GT750
Chris' Dunstal GT750
Graham Moorhead's GT750
Dr von Strange's GT750
K Spaargarens GT750B
Denis Lecavalier's GT750M
Jan Bos Special from Netherlands
Allan Wood's GT750s
Mike Barrett's GT750
GT750 Wiring Diagram
GT750J Period shots
Muzza's GT750M - going camping
Moto-Martin GT750
GT750 Racer
Jos' GT750 GT750A
Martin Krause's GT750s
Bjorn Ek's GT750J
Ron Moolenaar's GT750 Cafe Racer
Hans Magnus Dahl's GT750J modified
Racing sidecar
Saxon GT750
Drag Racing GT750
John Anderton's GT750M

Cor gerat's racing GT750

More shots of Cor's 750

Barton TR750

Kevin Hutchinson's Drag bike

Martin Krause's GT750J

Simon Horder's GT750J

Various triple cyclinder sidecars - GT/TR/Barton/Hi-Tac/DKW

Various GT750s

Lotsa GT750s

John "Bighole" Fry's GT750 project

Baxter's GT750

The Fabulous Suzuki TR750 - racing triple

The Suzuki TR750 - lots of info here


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